Trivia games are so broad that you have to cover many topics as much as possible if you are one of the contestants. But learning all this information is a mind-boggling feat, and yet you need to acquire as many facts as you can to outsmart your fellow competitors.

Good thing, there are fun and easy ways to prepare for a trivia quiz show at a party. And if you like to know more, then we invite you to keep reading as we are going to talk about this topic and make your friends believe that you are a genius guy.


Brace Yourself for Superfluous Questions

Trivia games are far from simple unless the questions are designed to go along with the theme of the occasion you are going to attend. Even so, you have to ready yourself as the host will likely throw several superfluous questions as you take a step closer to the final round.

Superfluous questions are general information questions that are being asked by to host to distract and confuse contestants and make them second guess their answers. But there is actually a way to provide the right answer and here’s what you need to do:

– Be on the lookout for the key word or information in the trivia quiz show question. It doesn’t matter how long the question is, but it will always talk about a person, thing, or event. And these are the details you need to remember.

– Once you get the key word, don’t overthink as though the question may appear to be difficult, they usually pertain to the simplest details you may have heard about before.

For example: “Who is the famous Austrian psychiatrist?” – The key word in this question is ‘Austrian psychiatrist’. And most of the time, the answer will be Sigmund Freud. To prove this, can you name any famous Austrian psychiatrist other than Freud? Probably not.


Be Mindful Of Subtle Hints

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While superfluous questions are designed to distract and overwhelm your mind, there are also questions that contain clever hints. For instance, “Which tongue-wagging, high-flying player is the highest-paid athlete of all time?” – Now let’s try to dissect the details of this question, surely it has something to do with sports, but which kind of sport it would since it is not mentioned? The answer lies in this hint: ‘tongue-wagging, high-flying player’. Is there any other player that wags his tongue during games other than Michael Jordan?

And if you’re still in doubt, then the second part of the hint will prove that you are right since MJ is also known as a high-flying acrobatic basketball player during this NBA days.


See The Patterns

Lastly, try to detect patterns as this will give you an idea about the possible topics to be tackled at the game. Yeah, trivia games may have broad subject coverage, but if you know that the birthday celebrant or the guy running the show is into Football, then most likely the questions asked will revolve around this subject.


Final Word

Always remember, a good trivia quiz show question is like a puzzle with many hints and breadcrumbs that will lead you to the right answer. So pay close attention to these clues, eliminate other potential answers, and stick to your first answer as much as you can.

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