Speaking in front of many people is a reality. In fact, it is already classified as one of the common phobias (Glossophobia) that a person can experience today. And that a third of the population or 238 million people are struggling with a certain degree of being scared while speaking in public, with 44% of these being women.

So how to effectively overcome the fear of speaking in public, especially for women? If you want some answer to address this issue then you’ve come to the right place because we are going to share some tips to gain more confidence while speaking in from of many people in today’s entry.

Embrace Nervousness

tips gain confidence speaking front people

Feeling the jitters is pretty normal because even the most experienced public speaker can also feel nervous before stepping into the podium. So what you need to do is to embrace the feeling of being nervous and draw some energy into this emotion rather than succumbing to the feeling of uneasiness.

Believe In Yourself

Most likely you’re scared of speaking in front others because you had a bad experience about this in the past. So what you need to do is to develop a “growth mindset” and believe in the idea that you can still improve your skills in public speaking.

It Pays To Prepare

It also helps if you prepare beforehand preferably, 2-3 days before your scheduled speech so can have time to absorb the information that you want to relay to the audience and even have time to study and rehearse all the things you want to say so you will have an idea when to say it to your listeners.

Breathing Exercisespublic speaking tips gain confidence speaking front people

If you want to gain more confidence before your speech, you have to learn how to breathe properly. Take 3 deep breaths (breathe through the nose and into your belly) 30 seconds before you start speaking, and think of the word “relax” as you exhale.

Focus On The People In Front Of You

Most public speaking experts agree that the cause of ‘stage fright’ is self-preoccupation. In other words, you are too conscious about what your audience might say about you that it gets you too distracted to speak confidently. So to gain more confidence, what you need to do is focus on your audience instead and make sure that you send your message clearly to them.

Think of it as you’re talking to a single individual and everything will come into place.

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