According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, the average age of a new manager is 30. And the same study also indicates that these employees only receive leadership training 10-12 years after the day they are hired – an alarming result considering that they should have undergone training right after being hired to acquire the necessary skills needed to do their job effectively.

This is the unfortunate management quandary that most companies are facing today. But in spite all of this, there are still some techniques that you can do to fully equip new managers with the much-needed confidence and skills despite the lack of formal training. And these are things that we are going to talk about in today’s article.

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A Little Effort Combined With Ongoing Coaching Will Go A Long Way

Companies should make an effort to mentor new managers as well as provide them with ongoing coaching and learning to help them perform productively and efficiently at their job. After all, your effort will benefit the company as a whole. So here are the techniques you need to follow to help your management staff to become great leaders:

Encourage Professional Development

Consider offering your managers an incentive if they are going to attend leadership workshops and training outside your company. You can do this by adding overtime pay or giving them a PTO (paid time off). In doing so, your managers will acquire the competencies needed to do the job well. And in the process, will allow your company to build up a basic manager training program that you can assign to future new hires.

Organize Lunch-And-Learn Events Every Month Where Your Managers Can Collaborate And Share Ideas With Their Peers

You can also host a casual event by inviting outside consultants over lunch along with your managers and let these experts conduct self-evaluation exercises and new approaches that are necessary for your manager’s scope of work.

Provide Your Managers With The Technological Tools That They Needmanagers become great leaders-creating mentorship program

Your company should provide software tools that your managers can use to streamline employee communication, create goals, assign tasks, and hit deadlines. Aside from that, these tools should also have the same features and functionalities that would help your managers expand their leadership skills even more.

Create A Mentorship Program

And finally, the most effective way of letting new managers can acquire leadership skills is by pairing them with seasoned and experienced employees in your company. This way, they can seek guidance from their mentors and gain a wealth of knowledge, tips, and tricks that they need in order to be a great manager who can efficiently lead and turn their team into a productive workforce of the company.

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